Zenpundit now features four authors, co-bloggers Charles Cameron, J. Scott Shipman, Lynn C. Rees and site administrator Mark Safranski. From time to time, invited guest bloggers also appear.

Zenpundit is a blog dedicated to exploring the intersections of foreign and defense policies, history, military theory, national security, strategic thinking, futurism, cognition, forensic theology, cultural intelligence and a number of other esoteric pursuits. Zenpundit was a 2005 Weblog Award finalist and a two-time winner of the “Thinking Blogger” award. Zenpundit has also been favorably cited by WIRED magazine, Military.com, The Office of the Secretary of Defense, by bestselling authors Thomas P.M. Barnett in his most recent books, Blueprint for Action and Great Powers and by Stephen Pressfield in his novel The Profession, HNN, Small Wars Journal , the Atlantic Council, Pragati and by numerous bloggers across the political spectrum.


Charles Cameron,  has also posted at Small Wars Journal, All Things Counterterrorism, for the Chicago Boyz Afghanistan 2050 roundtable and elsewhere.  Charles read Theology at Christ Church, Oxford, under AE Harvey, and was at one time a Principal Researcher with Boston University’s Center for Millennial Studies and the Senior Analyst with the Arlington Institute.

J. Scott Shipman, is the owner of SHIPMAN Federal Services, Inc., a consulting firm he established in 2004 that specializes in the application of John Boyd’s leadership strategies in the workplace which can be found at To Be or to Do.com.  Previously, Scott served at BAE Systems, where Scott led the Strategic Planning and Nuclear Safety group, and was integral in the planning of the first two TRIDENT II D5 submarine Backfits. He was Division Head of Integrated Test Programs, with responsibility for shipyard testing and performance analysis of all navy submarine Strategic Weapon Systems, both in the United States and the United Kingdom.

While on active duty, Scott served at sea on the commissioning crew of USS PENNSYLVANIA (SSBN-735) and inUSS VON STEUBEN (SSBN-632), and ashore in various commands. In his final tour, Scott served for five years at the On-Site Inspection Agency an arms control inspector and deputy mission commander enforcing the INF andSTART treaties. In this capacity, Scott traveled throughout the former Soviet Union and the Republic of Korea in support of international arms control agreements and humanitarian missions.

Mark Safranski, holds an MA in diplomatic history and an MS.Ed in administratio. He is a senior analyst atWikistrat , is a contributor to Pragati  magazine and is formerly a defense and foreign policy columnist for IVN and for  SWJ E-News An educator and past adviser to a privately held internet platform company,Conversationbase, LLC,  Safranski was the editor of The John Boyd Roundtable: Debating Science, Strategy, and War, and a contributing author to Threats in the Age of Obama  and The Handbook of 5GW, all published byNimble Books.  Mark can also be found at several well-regarded group blogs including, Chicago Boyz and formerly at Progressive Historians  The Complex Terrain Laboratory  and at Pajamas Media.

Lynn C. Rees,  is a software engineer specializing in workflow optimization and genealogy. He is a long-time student of how human systems discover and cope with truth through (or despite) culture and politics. Lynn group blogs at Chicago Boyz (joining the ClausewitzXenophonAfghanistan 2050, and Reagan Centenaryroundtables along the way) and the third Committee of Public Safety. He also contributed to The Handbook of 5GW, edited by Dr. Dan Abbott.

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