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Karbala & Baghdad, temporal & eternal

[ by Charles Cameron — when worldviews intersect, as they do today ] Source for lower quote: Borzou Daragahi, City on edge as Baghdad residents await Isis attack  

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Eavesdropping on Twitter — about al-Awlaqi and Dickens

[ by Charles Cameron — a remarkable conversation today between Greg Johnsen, Will McCants, and Thos Hegghammer ] One of the key questions in discussions of the droning of Anwar al-Awlaqi, which has recently resurfaced as the result of the posting of the … Continue reading

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Gant and Gertrude

[ by Charles Cameron — this whole Lawrence thing is getting tedious ] What the Bell reporter manages to omit is that it was Gertrude Bell whose translations of Hafez introduced us to one of the greatest of Sufi poets. … Continue reading

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What have ISIS & SISI to do with poetry & snakes?

[ by Charles Cameron — on The utility, as PR Beckman puts it, of the Poetic Imagination — with intelligence analysts in mind, and starring Orit Perlov ]   It’s a cognitive thing. You may or may not be familiar with … Continue reading

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That Israeli op is not Brother’s Keeper, it’s Return, brothers!

[ By Charles Cameron — thanks to Gershom Gorenberg for clarifying this for me ] Dalia Hatuqa, in a Foreign Policy piece titled Am I My Brother’s Keeper? and subtitled How the disappearance of three Israeli boys in the West Bank … Continue reading

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ISIS and the Mahdi, twice in one week

Two items came over my transom recently that I want to report to you, since they tie ISIS — happening now — and the Mahdi — a timeless figure whose apperance in time is eagerly awaited by some, feared by others, ignored by many, and … Continue reading

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Dialectic, or a waltz within revelation

[ by Charles Cameron — on three-fold movements in time in Islam, Christianity and Judaism – most recent post before Zenpundit was crashed ] . The three ages of Joachim of Fiore, in the latter's Venn-like diagram ** The question … Continue reading

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