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Within the Vatican, feathers fly.. II

[  by Charles Cameron — this time, the New Testament ] In a previous post I described the release of two white doves from the Papal balcony the other day, and the swift response of two other birds, a crow and a … Continue reading

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R2P: Asserting Theory is not = Law

[by Mark Safranski, a.k.a. “zen“] At The Bridge, Victor Allen pontificates on R2P (” Responsibility to Protect“) as if it were an established, cardinal point of international  law and not a pet theory of a few years vintage pushed by … Continue reading

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Heraclitus at the Vatican

[  by Charles Cameron — within the Vatican, feathers fly ] Children, at the side of Pope Francis, release doves in a symbolic prayer for peace in the Ukraine: What happens next is seen in the lower panel — an … Continue reading

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Zenpundit is down / on Squaring the Circle

[ by Charles Cameron — and may well be down until the end of this month of January, in the year of grace 2014 ]. I wanted to note our being down here, so that if you swing by you’ll … Continue reading

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