Sunday surprise 10: Bach and Laibach

[ by Charles Cameron — Slovenian electronic-industrial group Laibach tackles pone of Bach’s late, greatest works ]

Here’s Glenn Gould playing Contrapunctus XIV from Johann Sebastian Bach‘s Art of Fugue, complete with the hum that seems to generate itself from his immersion in the music:

And here by way of comparison and contrast, is the Laibach — “music wing of the Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) art collective” — interpretation of that same piece:

For my money, Laibach does a far more interesting job of “electronicizing” Bach than Wendy Carlos ever did, all those many years ago.

For my money too, there’s the complete Laibach Art of Fugue on CD on its way to me courtesy of Amazon.

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2 Responses to Sunday surprise 10: Bach and Laibach

  1. Cheryl Rofer says:

    Laibach, of course, has much better electronics than Wendy Carlos did.

  2. hipbone says:

    Hi Cheryl.

    Indeed. And hey, I’m very far from the most reliable of music critics. But I was then, and remain, more of a Bach person than a pop person, yet what Pink Floyd was doing with electronics in *Saucerful of Secrets* (“Set your Controls for the Heart of the Sun”) in 1968 far oiutpaced (to my ear) what Carlos did with *Switched-On Bach* that same year. I didn’t feel Carlos renewed Bach, to my mind he just played Bach on a different keyboard… Laibach seems to me to be making their own exploration…

    BTW, I’ll cross-post both our comments on ZP so others can see them, & maybe we’ll start something.

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