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Sunday surprise 10: Bach and Laibach

[ by Charles Cameron — Slovenian electronic-industrial group Laibach tackles pone of Bach’s late, greatest works ] . Here’s Glenn Gould playing Contrapunctus XIV from Johann Sebastian Bach‘s Art of Fugue, complete with the hum that seems to generate itself … Continue reading

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Gaidi Mtaani, the greater scheme of things, I: the story

[ by Charles Cameron — in a story, in a nutshell, the very different world of al-Shabaab ] . . The third issue of of the pro-Shabaab magazine Gaidi Mtaani, issued a few months back, contained a long piece titled … Continue reading

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Zen at War on the Rocks on China and Avoiding War

[by Mark Safranski, a.k. a. “zen“] Chinese Navy The editors of the excellent War of the Rocks invited me to post a short rebuttal to the op-ed “How Not to Go to War With China”, by Scott Cheney-Peters, which appears … Continue reading

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A refuge for Zenpunditry

[ by Charles Cameron ] . Since the regular Zenpundit site has been down recently, Lynn Rees put this site together as a temporary refuge. I’ll open up by reposting a couple of recent posts, sadly minus their comments, and … Continue reading

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